DES MOINES, Iowa -- Today, the Republican Party of Iowa released a new video highlighting Sen. Joni Ernst’s commitment to being accessible to Iowans, visiting every county, every year to answer their questions and take their concerns straight to Washington. 

Meanwhile, we’ve heard nothing but crickets from Theresa Greenfield, who continues hiding behind the millions of dollars Chuck Schumer and his special interest-funded super PAC are pouring into Iowa. This comes on the heels of a fact check video that exposed Greenfield for who she really is: a failed real estate executive whose company ran up millions in debt, didn’t pay its bills, was repeatedly sued for fraud and shoddy work, and eventually folded.

WATCH: Greenfield Hides, Joni Leads

“Earlier Iowa Senator Joni Ernst was in Siouxland today as part of her annual tour of all 99 counties in the state.” -- KMEG

“Part of her 99 county tour, on Friday U.S. Senator Joni Ernst visited two homeless shelters in Mason City.” -- KIMT

“Senator Joni Ernst continued her 99 county tour for 2020 in Polk county this morning.” -- KCCI

Theresa Greenfield: Crickets.

“Joni Ernst continues proving to Iowans why she deserves to be re-elected. She listens to her constituents by answering their questions and taking their concerns straight to Washington,” said Aaron Britt, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “This is a stark contrast to Theresa Greenfield, who continues hiding behind Chuck Schumer and the millions in outside money he is pouring into our state. Iowans know they can trust Joni Ernst: mother, soldier, and proven leader.”


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