Today, Deidre DeJear announced her exploratory committee for Governor. DeJear is now the third Iowa Democrat, after Dave Muhlbauer and Abby Finkenauer, to have lost their prior race and jump into a campaign for 2022. In 2018, DeJear ran for Secretary of State against Paul Pate - trying to rally voters against Iowa's Voter ID law. DeJear lost by 8 points, and ran significantly behind other Democrats in the state.

After her own failed campaign, Dejear played a leading role in then-candidate Kamala Harris' 'let's drop out before Iowa' campaign. Just last month, the Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll found that 50 percent of Iowans disapproved of the job Harris is doing as Vice President - showing DeJear fundamentally doesn't understand Iowans and their priorities.

"Iowa Democrats are signaling they are joined at the hip with their out-of-touch national Democrat counterparts," said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "Iowans overwhelmingly support Voter ID, and if DeJear thinks the elimination of Voter ID will win Iowans over, she will be sadly mistaken yet again. No matter who Democrats select, none will compare to Governor Reynolds. Iowans believe in her because she got children back in the classroom, cut taxes, and proved she is the leader Iowa needed." 


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