Today marks one year since Joe Biden took office, and since our country hasn't looked the same.

Iowans have faced rising inflation, empty store shelves, a crisis at our Southern border, 13 dead service members, a botched exit from Afghanistan, more COVID-19 deaths, missing jobs, an energy crisis, a more aggressive Russia, and much more. 

From a casual observer's point of view, Joe Biden has been a failure. It is why Biden's poll numbers continue to sink, and sink quickly. As America s reflect on the past year of the Biden presidency and ask themselves if the country is on a better track than it was a year ago the answer is a resounding, hell no. 

The Democrat Party, under Joe Biden, has done more damage to our country than Republicans could have predicted. Yes, we predicted the massive amounts of spending and crises abroad, but their agenda has caused irreparable harm to our nation. It goes further than just the economy - they are tearing this country apart. 

A recent Rassmussen poll found that 45 percent of Democrats believe those who are unvaccinated should be thrown in camps. That is not a coincidence - it is a direct result of the rhetoric Biden is using from the Oval Office. This isn't the unity Biden promised.

"Joe Biden has made it his wish to tear this great country to shreds. From rising inflation to his blatant incompetency, Joe Biden has proven to be a failed president. I'm a historian, I don't say that lightly," said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "For the Iowans out there worried about where we are headed as a country, I have one message for you: elect Republicans up and down the ballot in November. We can reverse the track our country is on."


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