DES MOINES -- More than 200 days after announcing her candidacy last year, Chuck Schumer’s handpicked candidate Theresa Greenfield has finally added a vague issues section to her website. Determined to keep Iowans in the dark on her policy positions, Greenfield spends her time avoiding questions on the issues, kicking cameras out of events, and hiding out in a “windowless basement” raising money. 

What took Schumer and Greenfield so long to figure out her vague positions? Who knows. But here are some things that take less time than it took Greenfield to put an issues page on her site:

  • The Constitutional Convention lasted 117 days
  • Major League Baseball season lasts 187 days
  • For corn to go from planting to harvest takes about 90-120 days
  • The school year in Iowa is about 180 days
  • Both John Hickenlooper and Kirsten Gillibrand’s campaigns for President lasted 165 days

Meanwhile, here’s what Senator Joni Ernst was up to:

A lot of unanswered questions remain about the Schumer-Greenfield agenda for Iowa, including where she stands on impeachment. Of course, Iowans also deserve to know where Retired Vice Admiral Michael Franken stands on issues as he lacks any policy positions on his site. It’s simple; Iowans want a Senator who is honest and forthright, not a candidate who continuously dodges them.


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