Nancy Pelosi is coming to the rescue. Pelosi has recruited and propped up Cindy Axne, Christina Bohannan, and Liz Mathis and now she's swooping in to help them even more. As Joe Biden's approval rating is at an extreme low of 35 percent and Republicans just became the largest party in Iowa by roughly 29,000 voters, Pelosi thinks her endorsement will push these three to victory. 

This morning, Nancy Pelosi shared her endorsement of Cindy Axne, Christina Bohannan, and Liz Mathis, sending the signal to the coastal elites funding Pelosi's efforts as to where they should spend their money. No doubt, they will vote in lockstep with Pelosi, just as Cindy Axne has done 100 percent of the time

"Iowans are sick of the clown show that is Washington, D.C. and the ringmaster, Nancy Pelosi," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "Nancy Pelosi cannot save Axne, Bohannan, and Mathis - Iowans' will reject the Joe Biden and Democrat agenda that they have aligned themselves with." 


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