DES MOINES -- It has been over three weeks since the House voted on their impeachment charade. But Speaker Nancy Pelosi has yet to send the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, and now even Senate Democrats are asking for her to quit playing games.  

As Iowa Senator Joni Ernst said yesterday on Fox News:
“I think Speaker Pelosi needs to get her act together. … When I’m back in Iowa, when I’m out at the grocery store, or even when I was at church over the holiday season, people were coming up to me very very disgusted about what the House has done and what Speaker Pelosi is doing now.”
As calls from Senate Democrats for Pelosi to send over the Articles grow louder, will Iowa Senate Democratic candidates Michael Franken, Theresa Greenfield, Eddie Mauro, Kimberly Graham and Cal Woods join? Or will they continue to stand loyally with Pelosi and Schumer? 
Seeing as Theresa Greenfield has been silent on impeachment, it’s likely that she’ll continue to hide out in her windowless basement, avoid press questions, and stay loyal to her party bosses, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.


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