DES MOINES — With over six million jobs created, a record-breaking stock market, and unemployment at a 50-year low, America’s economy is booming under the Trump Administration. But President Donald Trump recognizes there is still work to be done — most recently, he joined forces with Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley to make much-needed changes to the EB-5 investor visa program.

The EB-5 program has been abused and caused national security problems in the past, but efforts to make changes were often blocked by special interests. As a result, the program hasn’t been improved or adjusted since 1993. Now, we finally have a President who is willing to take on The Swamp and stand up to big-money interests. The new rule set forth by the Trump Administration will close loopholes, improve integrity, and deliver larger investments to rural areas like small towns across Iowa.

“President Trump is doing what Congress failed to do for too long. By implementing these EB-5 rules, he is keeping his word to drain the swamp and bring new opportunities to rural America as well as communities in need.” Senator Grassley said.

“President Trump has once again succeeded where past administrations have failed,” said Jeff Kaufmann, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. “I applaud him, along with Senators Grassley and Ernst, for draining the swamp, strengthening our legal immigration system, and prioritizing economic development in rural states like Iowa.”


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