Before the primary, Des Moines real estate executive Theresa Greenfield claims she held 100 “public events” -- but a new series of videos shows the Greenfield campaign, and sometimes Theresa Greenfield herself, have shut down the public’s access to events advertised as “public.”

WATCH: Greenfield’s “public events” claim called into question
"This is private actually"
"It's a private event"
"We normally don't do video"

Throughout her campaign, Greenfield has repeatedly dodged Iowans and reporters to avoid questions on the most important issues of the day. Most recently, she has refused to take a position on Speaker Pelosi’s anti-ag “climate solutions” plan, which would completely decimate Iowa’s ethanol industry.

Despite her false claims about holding “public” events, this footage tells the real story: Her campaign lacks the transparency and accessibility that Iowans have come to demand. She has embraced Chuck Schumer’s windowless basement strategy for too long, and now it is becoming increasingly clear that she is afraid to face Iowans, rendering her completely unprepared to lead.


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