DES MOINES -- Yesterday, Theresa Greenfield announced she was endorsed by yet another far-left special interest group: the League of Conservation Voters (LCV). This radical environmental organization has embraced Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s $93 trillion Green New Deal, a climate change proposal that would completely disrupt our way of life here in Iowa.

The LCV endorsement should come as no surprise -- Greenfield has been spending most of her time rubbing elbows with special interests and coastal elites in California and New York, lining her pockets with dark money and securing endorsements from liberal groups like EMILY’s List and the LCV in the process.

It’s clear that Greenfield is avoiding Iowans, going on 122 days without holding a town hall. She refuses to tell Iowans where she stands on the issues, now one of the only Democrats who hasn’t said where she stands on the impeachment inquiry -- an issue that almost three-quarters of her base supports.

And despite receiving the LCV endorsement, Greenfield still hasn’t said publicly where she stands on the tax-hiking, job-killing Green New Deal. Even Stacey Walker is frustrated by this, saying “all Democrats running for high office in our state” should have to say whether or not they support this socialist wish list.

“Since Greenfield has been endorsed by Chuck Schumer and several far-left special interest groups, it’s time she tells Iowans where she stands on the issues at the top of the Democratic agenda, like impeachment and the Green New Deal. Each day she fails to do so confirms she would rather represent the interests of coastal elites over the interests of Iowans.” -- Iowa GOP Spokesman Aaron Britt


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