DES MOINES, Iowa -- Joe Biden has once again caved to the far-left and their radical anti-ag agenda. In their latest climate plan, Biden and socialists Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez want to fund efforts aimed at "decarbonizing the food and agriculture sector” and would enact overreaching regulatory policies on Iowa farmers that would fundamentally change the way they operate. 


Our farmers are focused on feeding and fueling the world, but liberals want to force them to alter their practices -- raising taxes and implementing burdensome regulations that would destroy our farms. Not to mention, their calls for zero emission public transport would decimate our ethanol industry.


By supporting Joe Biden, Iowa Democrats Theresa Greenfield, Abby Finkenauer, Rita Hart, Cindy Axne, and J.D. Scholten are sending a clear message to Iowans: They back policies that would drive family farms into the ground.


ABC News reports that “[t]he new timeline and spending represent a significantly more aggressive approach on the issue for Biden, who faced calls during the Democratic primary from the progressive wing of the party to make the fight against climate change a more urgent priority.


Translation: Joe Biden caved to get AOC and Bernie Sanders’ support, and he is now in lockstep with the out-of-touch agenda of coastal liberals. It’s clear who is really running this campaign. 


“While President Trump has taken steps to make the United States energy independent, the Democrats’ plan would undo this progress and wreak havoc on Iowa’s economy. If Iowa Democrats don’t denounce this plan spearheaded by Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and AOC, they are complicit in abandoning Iowa farmers and destroying their way of life.” -- Iowa GOP Spokesman Aaron Britt



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