DES MOINES, Iowa -- Yesterday, Joe Biden doubled down on his promise to repeal the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which provided tax relief for 82 percent of middle class Americans and gave the average Iowa family a $1,763 cut. Additionally, it doubled the Child Tax Credit and created nearly 9,000 opportunity zones for low-income communities, including 62 right here in Iowa. 

With Biden continuing to promise he will repeal the tax cuts -- raising taxes on hard-working Iowans amid a global pandemic that already has the economy on edge -- here’s a reminder that Iowa Democrats agree with Biden’s push to raise taxes:

  • Theresa Greenfield proudly wrote that she thought doubling the Child Tax Credit and lowering taxes for the middle class would be “disastrous

  • In 2018, Abby Finkenauer voted against the largest tax cut in Iowa history --  already falling in line with party bosses Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, who referred to the federal tax cuts as “crumbs

  • It’s easy to see where Rita Hart’s priorities will lie -- she stood by her running mate, Fred tax hiking-Hubbell, every step of the way, and even called it a “disappointing” session after Iowa passed the largest income tax cut in Iowa history

  • Just like Joe Biden, Cindy TaxMe has repeatedly said that “we need to overturn this Republican tax bill.” Despite the fact that Axne admitted the tax cuts “absolutely” benefitted her business, she hates the GOP tax bill and wants to raise taxes

  • J.D. Scholten called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act “horrible… for middle class Americans.” It doesn’t get more out-of-touch than that. 

“Facts are facts: Democrats don’t want Iowa families and small business owners to keep more of their hard-earned money,” said Aaron Britt, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Instead, Democrats believe taxpayers should fork over their earnings to pay for their socialist agenda, like the radical $93 trillion Green New Deal and government-run health care. This is completely out-of-touch, and Iowans will reject their tax-hiking, job-killing agenda in November.”


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