Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement in response to Rep. Jennifer Konfrst (D-Polk County) being named House Minority Leader: 

"Iowa Democrats continue to entrench themselves in a college-campus-style of politics they cannot escape. By choosing Rep. Konfrst as Minority Leader, Iowa House Democrats are doubling down on the leftist political theater that leaves everyday Iowans behind. This is no longer the Iowa Democrat Party we once knew - by selecting an urban college professor to lead the helm, Iowa House Democrats are signaling their intent to push the same radical agenda as Democrats in New York and California. 

"Republicans represent 97 out of 99 counties in the House, they are in tune with the everyday struggles Iowans are facing, and they are leading to put Iowa's families and small businesses first. Iowa now has the fastest recovering economy after the pandemic because Republicans kept their promises and focused on putting Iowa in a stronger position."


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