Yesterday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi oddly endorsed Rita Hart and named her to their “Red to Blue” program. Of course, this district is not red; it’s currently held by 13-year incumbent Democrat Dave Loebsack -- another example of how West Coast liberal Nancy Pelosi is completely out-of-touch with what’s going on outside of her Washington Swamp bubble. 

Nervous Nancy has already given Rita Hart’s campaign thousands of dollars, clearly doing everything she can to solidify another vote to help pass her radical agenda in Congress. If Rita Hart can’t even get to Pelosi and let her know they need to “hold” the second district, not “flip” it, how can Iowans trust that Hart will have any influence over Nancy Pelosi whatsoever?

This embarrassing stunt by Pelosi & Hart has proven that Iowans can’t trust Rita Hart to have their backs in Congress. Instead, like Reps. Axne and Finkenauer, she would end up caving and towing the party line -- leaving her constituents behind. 

That’s why Iowans deserve to know: Will Rita Hart support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker?

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