In typical fashion, State Auditor Rob Sand took to his twitter feed to mock Republicans for "misleading people" on Democrats' urge to defund the police. 

What planet has Rob Sand been living on? Here's a quick refresher for him - there's no denying that national Democrat leaders support defunding the police: 

But it is not just national Democrats calling for police to be defunded, the Iowa Democrat party has been crystal clear on the issue:

  • During a virtual campaign kick-off, Jaylen Cavil, a Democrat running in House District 36, said: "I believe in a future free of police, jails, and prisons." Just hours after Sand made this ridiculous claim, Cavil made it clear by tweeting, "Defund the police."
  • Des Moines Public Schools are seeing a rise in violent behavior after removing School Resource Officers. Now they are seeing reports of bricks and stun guns being used in fights.
  • Last year, Iowa Republicans passed SF 342, the Back the Blue Bill, which strengthened protections for law enforcement. All, but two, Iowa Democrats voted against this legislation. 
  • Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), who has done virtual campaign events for Congresswoman Cindy Axne, said in an interview with TIME that she supports efforts to defund police departments.

Maybe Sand doesn't want to acknowledge that his party is a disaster and completely out of touch with Iowans. Regardless, it's Republicans that stand with the men and women of law enforcement, having their backs. 

"Crime is on the rise, Democrats' polling is sinking and yet, prominent party officials continue to push their defund the police message," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "Just because Sand is worried about how this divisive, unpopular messaging will hurt his chances of re-election, doesn't mean he can re-write the facts and the fact remains, Democrats want to defund the police." 


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