DES MOINES — With over two-dozen liberals running for president, the 2020 Democratic primary has become a far-left circus. As these clowns gather under the big top in Cedar Rapids, they’ll be showcasing all of their outrageous acts — like Magic Bernie’s apparent ability to make $126 trillion appear out of thin air.

Today, the Republican Party of Iowa launched to showcase the comedic positions of the theatrical 2020 Democratic candidates.

Programming Note: There are plenty of clowns to go around, so you might want to grab some cotton candy or circus peanuts before you start scrolling through the list of acts.

To save you some time, here’s a quick highlight reel:

  • Joe Biden isn’t up for the job, so this clown wears aviators so he can nap discreetly when he’s feeling sleepy.
  • Kamala Harris the Acrobat is flying from one position to another begging for attention in this crowded field of clowns.
  • Elizabeth Warren lied to get ahead, but she hasn’t ever been the driver of this clown car.
  • Pete Buttigieg may be grabbing the attention of Hollywood, but his socialist agenda aims to grab the money out of Americans’ wallets.

Be sure to keep an eye out for these acts coming soon to a campaign event near you!


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