DES MOINES, Iowa -- Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement after Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate Theresa Greenfield skipped tonight’s debate in Spencer, Iowa:

“By skipping tonight’s debate in Spencer, Theresa Greenfield has confirmed her priorities lie with the East Coast liberals running her campaign, not with rural Iowans. Even the hapless J.D. Scholten showed up -- unlike Greenfield, at least Scholten is willing to be upfront with Iowans about the radical, anti-ag policies he supports. But Greenfield continues hiding in her windowless basement, following Biden and Schumer’s playbook. She has already written off rural Iowa, making the same mistake that Democrats have made for decades.

“Meanwhile, from rural Iowa to the national spotlight, Sen. Ernst is once again demonstrating that she understands what it means to be a leader -- listening to Iowans in every corner of the state and taking their concerns straight to the top. Every year, Sen. Ernst has visited all 99 Iowa counties. Iowans know she does not shy away from any part of the state, meeting them exactly where they are and answering their tough questions.”









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