DES MOINES, Iowa -- Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement declaring President Trump the winner of tonight’s first presidential debate:

“In a rare appearance, Joe Hiden’ finally came out of his basement for tonight’s debate, and in a perfect reflection of his disastrous career, he completely failed. Under his leadership, America saw the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression. What’s worse, Biden wants to raise taxes on 82 percent of American families, and he supports radical environmental proposals that would decimate our agriculture industry. He also refused to say whether he supports packing the Supreme Court, proving he will be nothing more than an empty vessel for Kamala Harris and the radical Left. 

“President Trump has proven that he can rebuild our economy. The president and his administration have put America First over the last four years, from negotiating free and fair trade deals like the USMCA, to cutting taxes and rolling back burdensome regulations and allowing small businesses to grow and thrive. The president will continue prioritizing American interests at home and abroad over the next four years as he continues working to Keep America Great.”


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