DES MOINES -- Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement on the results of the Senate Democratic primary:


“Tonight, Theresa Greenfield showed Iowans what millions of dollars in outside spending and help from Chuck Schumer and Democrats in The Swamp will get you: An unfair win from a campaign run by East Coast liberals. She may have secured the nomination, but after months of dodging questions and deceiving Iowans, Democrats and Republicans alike know that Greenfield is woefully unprepared and cannot be trusted to lead.


“While Democrats have spent months bickering their way through a contentious and divisive primary, we saw tonight just how much Iowans are rallying around Sen. Joni Ernst. Throughout her tenure in the U.S. Senate, Joni has been extremely accessible -- visiting every county, every year to listen and take questions from Iowans. With a strong record of being a relentless fighter for Iowa -- from the battlefields of Iraq to the U.S. Senate -- there’s no doubt Iowans will reelect Joni to another term so she can continue to Make Washington Squeal.”



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