“Once again, Sen. Joni Ernst proved tonight she is a fierce leader for all Iowans, Joni has traveled to all 99 counties of the state, seven years in a row, listening to Iowans and bringing their concerns to Washington. Sen. Ernst has secured countless wins for her constituents -- from opening markets for farmers, to peeling back red tape and cutting taxes for middle-class families and small business owners.

“Meanwhile, failed real estate executive Theresa Greenfield once again failed her job interview tonight. Her de facto campaign manager, Chuck Schumer, and his dark money machine have poured nearly $100 million behind Greenfield, and it shows. The few times Greenfield was forced to answer a question, her out-of-touch talking points -- handed to her from extreme environmentalists wanting to smother Iowa farming and destroy our way of life -- fell flat. Iowans begin casting their ballots Monday, and it is clear Sen. Ernst was the only candidate on stage tonight with the right policies and experience to fight for every corner of the state.”


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