DES MOINES, Iowa -- Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement declaring Joni Ernst the winner of tonight’s U.S. Senate debate: 

“Throughout the last three debates, Sen. Ernst has proven to Iowans they made the right decision when they elected her to the U.S. Senate six years ago. Ernst has been a champion for Iowans from day one -- fighting for open markets and a level playing field for farmers, relentlessly defending the ethanol industry, cutting burdensome taxes and regulations for small businesses, defending the unborn, and taking critical steps to protect Iowans throughout the pandemic. She is a proven leader who has delivered for Iowans in every county of this state.

“Once again, Theresa Greenfield proved why she’s wrong for Iowa. With over $100 million being spent to buy this seat for her from coastal elites and radical outside groups, she will be nothing more than a puppet for Chuck Schumer and the far-left, passing their out-of-touch agenda that includes raising taxes, packing the Supreme Court with liberal activist justices, and policies that dismantle Iowa agriculture.”


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