DES MOINES, Iowa -- Today, the Republican Party of Iowa relaunched “Dodging Democrats,” revamping the site to take aim at Theresa Greenfield’s consistent efforts to avoid Iowans.

Greenfield launched her campaign over 400 days ago, and since then, she has followed Chuck Schumer’s “windowless basement” strategy to a tee -- she still hasn’t held a public town hall, and in the 40 days since Greenfield became the Democratic nominee, she hasn’t held any public event or made any sort of effort to genuinely interact with everyday Iowans.

This lack of transparency has robbed Iowans of the opportunity to hear Greenfield’s opinion on the far-left policies being pushed by members of the Democratic Party, including where she stands on Pelosi’s radical climate change plan that would decimate Iowa’s ethanol industry. She also hasn’t spoken out about her record as a failed real estate executive

Tracking Theresa: See how many days Theresa Greenfield has been holed up in Schumer’s windowless basement

“Greenfield’s effort to run a campaign completely in the shadows stands in stark contrast to Sen. Joni Ernst’s unwavering accessibility and transparency,” said Aaron Britt, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Despite the pandemic, Ernst has safely continued her 99 county tour across Iowa. She is dedicated to visiting every county in the state every year to meet constituents where they are, answer their questions, and take their concerns to Washington.”



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