Theresa Greenfield’s campaign recently took dodging Iowans to a new level when a staffer aggressively shut down a question from a college student. 

This escalation is the latest development in Greenfield’s long history of dodging questions. When she does take time off from raking in out-of-state donations and emerges from her windowless basement, she makes bizarre comments and refuses to answer where she stands on important issues. 

In response to Greenfield’s history of ignoring Iowans, Chairman Kaufmann said Greenfield will have to “get a backbone and make herself accessible to voters” if she truly wants to represent Iowans in the U.S. Senate. 

Iowa GOP Chairman: Democrat Theresa Greenfield Will Need a ‘Backbone’ to Run for Senate
Sean Moran
December 3, 2019

“Iowa Democrat Senate candidate Greenfield has faced criticism over the weekend for refusing to answer questions from Americans that wish to record their questions for the public to witness.

“In the latest instance, one Greenfield campaign staffer attempted to grab someone’s camera.

“The Iowa GOP has compiled a collection of short videos in which Greenfield staffers have told those in the audience not to record her town halls.

“Kauffman contended that Greenfield is terrified of answering the Iowa public’s questions and that she will have to get a “backbone” to run for the Senate.

“The Iowa GOP Chairman told Breitbart News:

“‘It’s clear Greenfield is terrified of taking questions from Iowans. Not only has she still not held a single town hall, but now her staff is aggressively shutting down questions. If she truly thinks she can stand up for Iowans in the U.S. Senate, she’ll have to get a backbone and make herself accessible to voters.’”

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