Last night, Democrat State Auditor Rob Sand admitted Rita Hart's move to ask Congress to overturn the will of Iowa voters was wrong. Sand acknowledged that Hart should have gone to the Iowa Courts first instead of subverting Iowa law for a partisan process in Washington, D.C.:

"I love the Iowa court system, we have a very good court system, and my first preference, all other things being equal, would be the Iowa court system."

Remember: Hart only chose to go to Congress because she knew House Democrats would give her the results she "needed."

"Iowans in the Second District know Mariannette Miller-Meeks is their rightful Congresswoman. She won on election day, won the recount, and was certified the winner, even by Democrats," said Republican Party of Iowa Communication Director Kollin Crompton. "And now Rob Sand admits, if Hart truly cared about Iowa law, she would not have gone to Nancy Pelosi asking her to change the election results."


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