DES MOINES, Iowa -- On multiple occasions, socialist J.D. Scholten has embraced the Green New Deal -- a proposal pushed by liberal environmental extremists that would cost trillions, kill Iowa’s agriculture industry, and raise taxes on the middle class -- all while providing those who are “unwilling to work” with taxpayer-funded income.

With Election Day approaching, Scholten is desperately trying to walk back his support for this radical proposal, clearly trying to hide his enthusiasm for policies that are completely out-of-touch with the priorities of fourth district Iowans. But his own words and the endorsements he has received are damning:

“Socialist J.D. Scholten is trying to cover-up his plan to work with Bernie Sanders and AOC to dismantle Iowa agriculture, but Iowans see right through Scholten’s blatant attempts to hide his far-left priorities,” said Aaron Britt, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “The Green New Deal is an extreme environmental proposal that would destroy Iowa farms, which form the backbone of our economy. Iowans will reject Scholten and his out-of-touch agenda in November.”


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