This morning in Punchbowl News, Chuck Schumer indicated he is giving up on Mike Franken saying, "Democrats won't be able to win the Senate race in Iowa." 

This is the second slap in the face from Schumer Franken has received this week. Schumer announced $15 million for battleground states - with $0 going to Franken for his longshot campaign.

All of this comes after Franken's desperate attempt to run ads in the DC television market - begging for attention and campaign cash.

"Even Chuck Schumer knows Iowans don't want their state to be more like California," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "Franken has shown he isn't fit for the Senate with his comments about rural Iowa and his undying support of Joe Biden and now he doesn't even have the backing of Democrats in Washington. He's toast." 


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