DES MOINES, IA – Republican Party of Iowa Chairman, Jeff Kaufmann, today issued the following statement on the news that Washington Democrats are putting more than one million dollars to try to save their handpicked candidate, Theresa Greenfield’s, struggling campaign in the Iowa Democratic Senate Primary:
“Chuck Schumer is panicking as his PAC rushes to prop up Theresa Greenfield’s flailing campaign,” said Chairman Kaufmann. “Greenfield, who has been hypocritically railing against corporate money, special interests and dark outside spending is helping the PAC when she thinks no one is watching because she is depending on that very money to throw her campaign a lifeline. Plain and simple, Greenfield is a hypocrite and she must call on Schumer’s PAC to stay out of Iowa.”  
Despite hypocritically railing against “campaign coordination with outside groups”, Theresa Greenfield has been coordinating with outside groups from messages to video footage.
Recently, Theresa Greenfield added an “Important Update” page to her website. Greenfield’s background was then used in the Schumer PAC ad. Greenfield also posted b-roll that Schumer’s PAC used. 


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