DES MOINES -- Click here for an audio recording of Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann's reaction to tonight's Senate Democratic primary debate. 

Here is a transcript of the recording:

"Tonight’s debate was a rare chance to see Theresa Greenfield finally outside of Chuck Schumer’s windowless basement, and it's very, very clear that she is not capable of demonstrating the kind of leadership Iowans demand, and the kind of leadership they're use to in a Senator. She continues to lie. She continues to decieve -- like pretending to be a ‘scrappy farm girl’ when in reality she was a ruthless real estate executive that evicted small businesses to make way for a large corporation. You won't see that on any of her commercials. It’s this simple, folks: Greenfield is unprepared, and Greenfield is untrustworthy. We don't need Theresa Greenfield."


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