DES MOINES -- Click here for an audio recording of Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann's reaction to tonight's Senate Democratic primary forum. 

Here is a transcript of the recording:

"Once again, tonight's debate has shown how Democratic candidate Theresa Greenfield continues to dodge basic questions that Iowans deserve to have answered. She won't tell Iowans if she supports taxpayer-funded health care for illegal immigrants, or answer for her troubling record evicting small businesses as a real estate executive.

"Unlike Sen. Joni Ernst who has visited all 99 counties several times, talking directly with Iowans about the critical issues facing our state and nation, Greenfield hides from Iowans and lets special interest groups and New York Senator Chuck Schumer run her campaign. 

"Joni Ernst's experience, hard work, and dedication to being a relentless fighter for Iowans is unmatched in this Senate race."



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