DES MOINES, Iowa -- As we enter the last week of the election, failed real estate executive Theresa Greenfield continues living in a fantasyland dreamed up by Chuck Schumer and the coastal liberals bankrolling her campaign.

SHOT: Yesterday, Greenfield reiterated the disingenuous claim that she’s going to “do what we’ve been doing from Day 1, which is go out there” and “keep traveling.”

CHASER: As of September, after FIFTEEN MONTHS of campaigning, Greenfield still hadn’t visited nearly half the counties in Iowa. Not to mention many of her so-called “public events” were clearly *private* events, closed to the public and carefully guarded from cameras and the press.


That was a lot of disingenuous talking points to swallow, so here’s big gulp of a CHASER:

  • Greenfield has been anything but “clear” on court packing. In May, Greenfield said she didn’t “believe we need to expand the Supreme Court.” Then immediately after President Trump announced his plan to nominate a judge to fill the vacant seat, Greenfield jolted to the Left to align with AOC and Chuck Schumer and said, “I wouldn’t say I’ve formed an opinion on that.” She was then forced to walk back these comments, shifting her position once again.

  • “Getting big money out of our politics” is precisely what makes Theresa Greenfield the most hypocritical candidate Iowa has ever seen. She has benefitted from more outside spending (100+ MILLION) and raised more money from coastal elites and out-of-state liberals than any candidate in Iowa history. 

    • OpenSecrets reports more than 92 percent of her contributions ($26.6 million) came from out-of-state.

    • Greenfield top donations hail from the following metro areas:

      • New York – $3,255,788

      • Washington, DC Metro – $2,269,323

      • San Francisco – $2,256,387

      • Boston – $2,003,111

      • Los Angeles-Long Beach – $1,793,343

BOTTOM LINE: In the final days of the campaign, Theresa Greenfield has continued her pattern of lies and deception, but the truth is perfectly clear: Two-Faced Theresa is a fraud, and Iowans can see through her history of lies and deception.


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