Cindy Axne has been involved in sketchy stock trading for the past year. Here's the timeline: 

In an abrupt turn, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is preparing new stock-trade legislation. Axne's colleagues are also calling on Congress to pass legislation that bans members from buying and selling stocks. Just this morning, New York Representative Kathleen Rice announced she will be co-sponsoring Virginia Representative Abigail Spanberger's bill. 

While Axne continues to line her own pockets while also violating the STOCK Act, she continues to dodge her stance on banning members of congress from trading stocks. 

"Cindy Axne is too corrupt to serve in Congress," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "She continues to rake in the cash from her stock trades, violating the law by hiding the reports and sitting on the committees that oversee these companies. It's time to send someone to Congress who's more concerned about their constituents' well being ahead of expanding their stock portfolio." 


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