Time and again, Democrats have gone off the rails in their sheer desperation to defeat Senator Ernst. 

First, Eddie Mauro had the gall to question Joni’s military service over Memorial Day weekend last May, saying she doesn’t have the “right kind of courage” to serve in the U.S. Senate.

Then, far-left special interest group Progress Iowa shamelessly attacked Joni -- the first female combat veteran to serve in the U.S. Senate -- on Veterans Day, insinuating she doesn’t care that veterans put their lives on the line and falsely claiming she hasn’t done enough to protect our vets.

And just yesterday, Chuck Schumer and his PAC accused Joni -- a sexual assault and domestic violence survivor -- of not doing enough to protect survivors, saying they “deserve better.

This came after Joni called out Schumer for purposefully derailing her Violence Against Women Act. Schumer tried to explain his way around it, but Joni wasn’t having it -- and rightfully so:

MORE: Chuck Schumer PAC accuses sexual assault survivor Joni Ernst of 'not serving the needs of domestic violence victims'

While Democrats continue to prove they will go to great lengths to smear and degrade Senator Ernst, she continues relentlessly fighting for Iowans every day -- making her one of the strongest, most tenacious Senators in the country.

Bottom line: It will take a lot more from Democrats and Chuck Schumer than desperate smears and candidates in a windowless basement to defeat Senator Ernst.

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