Today, the Senate is set to conclude the impeachment trial, yet Chuck Schumer’s handpicked candidate, Theresa Greenfield, has refused to say where she stands. Iowa Voters - and her Democratic primary opponents - are sick of it… 

Check out this video of Greenfield repeatedly ignoring questions on impeachment: 

For months and months, Greenfield has dodged and only tweets cookie cutter messages that the DSCC puts together for her and their other candidates around the country.
Schumer, the DSCC and Greenfield may think they are being clever by staying hidden in the windowless basement, but this is Iowa and folks here expect accessibility from politicians.
Today, we’re calling on Theresa Greenfield to stop hiding and finally come clean with Iowans as to where she stands on impeachment.
“Theresa Greenfield knows Iowans are energized behind President Trump, his ability to deliver for our state, and that the impeachment mess has backfired on the Democrats,” said Jeff Kaufmann, Republican Party of Iowa Chairman. “Greenfield has prioritized Chuck Schumer and Washington Democrats over Iowans long enough. Instead of desperately working to hide from Iowans, Greenfield must come clean as to where she stands on impeachment today. Iowa voters want transparency from their candidates and will continue to hold Greenfield accountable until she quits her game of dodgeball with the voters.” 


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