Yesterday, even liberal blog Iowa Starting Line wrote what everyone was thinking: “Bloomberg’s Farming Quote Would Harm Iowa Down-Ballot Dems.”

They compared former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s comments to being as fatal for Democratic Senate and congressional candidates as Bruce Braley’s disparaging comments about farmers in 2014.

Additionally, other Iowa Democrats have called out Bloomberg. “'Former Mayor Mike Bloomberg owes American farmers an apology and a visit,’ said former Lt. Gov. Patty Judge in a press release yesterday. ‘There’s a great deal of science, technology and personal investment that go into providing an abundant, affordable and safe supply of food for Americans and the growing global population, particularly in the face of climate change.’”

Eddie Mauro has said he would still support Bloomberg, yet Theresa Greenfield, who calls herself a “farm kid” and self-proclaimed “face of rural America” Michael Franken have been radio silent.

If Greenfield and Franken can’t stand up for Iowa against “out-of-touch elitists who don’t understand rural America,” what do they actually stand for?


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