Every American should be outraged that Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats are attempting to steal Iowa's Second Congressional District's seat from Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks. 

The votes were counted, then recounted, and Congresswoman Miller-Meeks's win was certified by a bipartisan state board. Iowans get to choose their representatives, not Nancy Pelosi and power hungry House Democrats. 

PLEASE, call every member of the House Administration Committee and tell them to stop this desperate, partisan power grab. 


Sample Call:

"Hi, my name is (Insert Name Here) and I live in (Insert City, State Here). As an Iowan, I urge you to uphold the will of Iowa voters. The votes were counted, Iowans' voices were heard, and Miller-Meeks' victory was certified by a bipartisan state board."


Contact Information:

Jamie Raskin (D) MD: (202)-225-5341,
Zoe Lofgren (D) CA: (202)-225-3072,
Mary Gay Scanlon (D) PA: (202) 225-2011,
GK Butterfield (D) NC: (202)-225-3101,
Teresa Leger Fernandez (D) NM: (202)-225-6190,
Pete Aguilar (D) CA: (202)-225-3201,
Rodney Davis (R) IL: (202) 225-2371
Barry Loudermilk (R) GA: (202) 255-2931
Bryan Steil (R) WI: (202) 225-3031