DES MOINES, Iowa -- Recently, Democrat Rita Hart rolled out her plan to “reform Washington,” disingenuously decrying money in politics. Among other things, she advocates for “preventing corporations from spending endless amounts of money on our elections” and touts her endorsement from End Citizens United, a PAC that ironically wants to “get big money out of politics.”

Of course, Rita Hart conveniently ignores the fact that she has taken hundreds of thousands in contributions from PACs and Swamp lobbyists. So far, hypocrite Hart has taken $126,000 in PAC money and thousands more from D.C. lobbyists that represent corporations and firms that employ former members of Congress. She has even already taken thousands from party boss, Nancy Pelosi.

Rita Hart's half-hearted attempt to portray herself as an "anti-corruption" candidate exposes her as the latest face of Democratic hypocrisy. Just like Theresa Greenfield, she says one thing but does another -- playing Swampy political games just to get ahead.

“Rita Hart rails against corporate lobbyists and the ‘revolving door of politics,’ yet her shady campaign has gleefully accepted money from D.C. Swamp lobbyists and other backroom dealmakers,” said Aaron Britt, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Hypocrite Hart can’t attempt to stand on the moral high ground while simultaneously accepting as much PAC money Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are willing to throw at her. Iowans will reject Rita Hart and her blatant hypocrisy in November.”


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