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Response To Hillary Clinton’s Visit To Iowa For Bruce Braley

With CNN reporting that Hillary Clinton is making a return to Iowa on October 29, 2014for Congressman Braley, wanted to pass along the following statement: “After visits from Martin O’Malley, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton must feel obligated to campaign with Congressman Braley. Hillary Clinton is just using Congressman Braley’s flailing campaign as an exhibit to her opening argument to liberal activists who are dying to see her run in 2016.” Jahan Wilcox, Republican Party of Iowa spokesman

Response To Warren’s Visit To Iowa For Braley

If you’re reporting on the news that Massachusetts liberal Elizabeth Warren is set to campaign for Congressman Bruce Braley, then wanted to pass along the following statement and research from the Republican Party of Iowa: “Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren proudly said the she and Congressman Braley share the same values, which is disturbing given that she fiercely opposes support for farmers in Iowa. Given his allegiance to Senator Warren and her crusade against helping farmers, it’s clear Congressman Braley cannot be trusted.” Jahan Wilcox, Republican Party of Iowa spokesman BACKGROUND … Elizabeth Warren Says Congressman ...

RPII: Early voting starts today, Ernst electrifies & ISIS intelligence

Republican Party of Iowa Intel (RPII) features original content and aggregates news coverage of Iowa politics for GOP activists and other interested parties. Send tips—news from your area, events, etc.—to patch [at] iowagop.org with "[RPII]" in the subject field. DES MOINES—Today, 40 days before Election Day, marks the start of early voting in Iowa. Register to vote or request an absentee ballot by clicking here. To raise awareness of opportunities for casting an early ballot, the Republican Party of Iowa and our candidates are embarking on a statewide bus tour featuring rallies today in Ankeny, Newton, Iowa City, Muscatine and ...

RPII: Biden campaigns, Harkin Steak Fry bites, early voting

Republican Party of Iowa Intel (RPII) is a regular update to Iowa GOP activists and other interested parties featuring news and information about Iowa Republicans and campaigns. Send tips—news from your area, events, etc.—to patch [at] iowagop.org with [RPII] in the subject field. DES MOINES—Vice President Joe Biden returned to Iowa Wednesday morning for a partisan campaign rally on the west steps of the Iowa State Capitol that he billed to U.S. taxpayers. In a release, Republican Party of Iowa leaders criticized Biden for using his official office to pay for a partisan, campaign trip to Iowa in the home stretch of the ...

Kaufmann statement in response to Hillary Clinton Iowa visit

"I welcome Hillary Clinton to Iowa after more than six-and-a-half years flying over the Hawkeye State," said Republican Party of Iowa chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "In the spirit of bipartisanship, I hope potential presidential candidates from both parties visit Iowa early and often to interact with Iowa voters in a meaningful way."