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Iowa’s Longest Serving Democrat Treasurer Attacks Braley

Good afternoon folks – The Democrat blame game around Congressman Bruce Braley’s flailing campaign intensified today. The latest Democrat to point fingers is Michael Fitzgerald – who has been Iowa’s Treasurer since 1983. In an interview published today, Fitzgerald criticized Congressman Braley for attacking Senator Grassley for being just a farmer who never went to law school: "Iowans, most of us kind of consider ourselves farmers," said state Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald, a Democrat. "That was just an incredibly stupid statement he made, and I'm sure he's regretted it every day. I think he'd be winning by 5 or 6 points without ...

Team Braley Points Finger At Senator Harkin

POLITICO: “It is ridiculous that … Tom Harkin is sitting on over $2 million in his campaign account,” said one senior Democratic aide. Harkin’s refusal to give is all the more exasperating, the aide said, because Braley “has seen Tom as a mentor.” Harkin declined to be interviewed, but a spokeswoman for the senator, Susannah Cernojevich, strongly disputed that the Iowa senator was being stingy.” (Manu Raju, As Democrats sweat Iowa, Sen. Tom Harkin sits on millions, Politico, 10/17/14) THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER: “A top Senate Democratic aide told Politico that it was ‘ridiculous’ that Harkin was not giving the money to a ...

SENATOR HARKIN: Ernst Is Running A “Really Good Campaign.”

SHOT ... Joni Ernst Is Running A "Really Good Campaign." - Senator Tom Harkin  ("Braley, Ernst Again Focused On Retirement Security Issue," Radio Iowa, 10/02/14)     CHASER ... "I Get Very Upset."  - Congressman Bruce Braley (Congressman Bruce Braley, Ad, 10/01/14)

Kaufmann statement in response to Hillary Clinton Iowa visit

"I welcome Hillary Clinton to Iowa after more than six-and-a-half years flying over the Hawkeye State," said Republican Party of Iowa chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "In the spirit of bipartisanship, I hope potential presidential candidates from both parties visit Iowa early and often to interact with Iowa voters in a meaningful way."