Yesterday, Iowa Republicans sent historic tax cuts to Gov. Kim Reynolds' desk. The bill had bipartisan support, yet Iowa Democrat Congressional candidates Liz Mathis and Christina Bohannan snubbed Iowa taxpayers, retirees and middle class families. 

Here is what the bill does: 

  • Gradually implements a 3.9% flat income tax 
  • Eliminates income tax on retirement
  • Creates a competitive corporate income tax
  • Moves Iowa from the 8th highest tax rate to the 4th lowest

This proposal garners overwhelming support from Iowans, regardless of party affiliation. That didn't matter to Liz Mathis, who voted against giving Iowans tax relief. Worse yet, Christian Bohannan couldn't even be bothered to vote, skipping out on the vote entirely. 

"Liz Mathis and Christina Bohannan are showing Iowans exactly who they will be in Washington - big government liberals who will stand arm in arm with Joe Biden, leaving Iowans' best interests behind," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director. "While Iowans are being crushed by Bidenflation, Mathis and Boahnnan continue to make things worse." 


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