DES MOINES — After officially launching her campaign for U.S. Senate yesterday, Theresa Greenfield claims in her highly produced web video that she is ready to get her hands dirty. Yet it appears she doesn’t have any planned events in the state, begging the question: Why isn’t she out there meeting with Iowans?

In the first 24 hours of her campaign, the Des Moines real estate executive:

  • Conveniently left out of her bio that she grew up in Minnesota.
  • Has been avoiding questions from voters because she’s the liberal Washington establishment’s candidate who want to impose their Pelosi/Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez agenda of government-run health care, Green New Deal, and more, on Iowans.
  • Copied Nate Boulton’s logo (the same Nate Boulton who Greenfield donated to before he suspended his 2018 gubernatorial campaign after three women accused him of sexual misconduct.)
  • Seems to have no plans to hold any events to go out and talk to voters.

“Senator Ernst visits every county, every year across the state, holding town halls in the largest cities and smallest towns, meeting with small businesses, farmers, and health care providers to hear their concerns and bring those ideas back to Washington,” said Jeff Kaufmann, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. “Meanwhile, Theresa Greenfield appears to already be ducking voters as she kicks off her campaign, leaving Iowans wondering exactly what it is she’s trying to hide. Perhaps she doesn’t want Iowans to know the real Theresa — the liberal coastal elites’ hand-picked candidate who would like nothing more than to implement the far-left, socialist agenda of Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.”


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