With less than 90 days until the General Election, things aren’t looking great for Theresa Greenfield. Let’s recap:

  • First, Republicans leaped ahead in voter registration: After a competitive caucus and statewide Senate primary, Democrat voter registration outpaced Republicans by only about 14,000 (that number was 80,000+ after the ‘08 caucuses). But since March of this year, the GOP has completely erased their gains -- and now we’re up by almost 3,000.

  • Then, Greenfield’s attempts to cover-up her failed real estate record were exposed across the state: Greenfield was caught scrubbing information from her biography relating to her failed time as CEO of Rottlund Homes and President of Colby Interests. The Republican Party went on the road -- from the Missouri River to the Mississippi River -- to expose this blatant attempt to cover up her shady record.

  • Next, Greenfield’s reeling campaign released an ad with a “small business owner” who is really a longtime liberal and former elected Democrat official: The concerns over Greenfield’s failed business record hit home, and it sent her team scrambling. They recruited a well-known liberal to rush to her defense -- a clear indictment of her flailing campaign.

  • Finally, after learning more about the real Theresa Greenfield, Iowans don’t like what they’re seeing: Senator Ernst leads Theresa Greenfield by 3 points in a new Monmouth Poll. Even though she is doing everything she can to cover it up with wishy-washy claims and campaign ads, her past is catching up to her.

There’s no doubt about it: This has been a no good, very bad week for Theresa Greenfield. All those months of hiding in her windowless basement are catching up to her, and Iowans now know they can’t trust Theresa. 

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