DES MOINES, Iowa -- Des Moines real estate executive Theresa Greenfield has a troubling history of putting her own financial interests ahead of Iowans. As CEO of Rottlund Homes, Greenfield threatened eminent domain -- bullying property owners to drive down land prices so she could make a quick buck, but she didn’t stop there. Greenfield became even more greedy as President of Colby Interests, where she once again resorted to shady tactics to enrich herself -- evicting several mom-and-pop stores, that had been in Windsor Heights for decades, to make way for a foreign-owned grocery chain. 

Today, the Republican Party of Iowa launched a new digital ad highlighting Greenfield’s shady record as a real estate executive to continue exposing the truth about Greedy Greenfield’s history of putting profits of people.

Be On The Lookout: Greenfield eviction notices circulating around Windsor Heights


This comes after small business owners turned their back on endorsing Theresa Greenfield, an indictment of her anti-small business history as CEO of Rottlund Homes and President of Colby Interests. 

“Ruthless Des Moines real estate executive Theresa Greenfield has proven she will do whatever it takes to make money for herself, even if it means swindling, threatening or evicting Iowans in the process,” said Aaron Britt, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “The reason Greedy Greenfield is hiding her record today is because she doesn't want Iowans to find out that she puts her interests above all else. Iowans can’t trust Theresa.” 



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