DES MOINES -- On Tuesday, Chuck Schumer’s handpicked candidate Theresa Greenfield won her party’s nomination after outside groups poured in $10 million to prop up her failing campaign. Today, the Republican Party of Iowa is launching “Two Faces of Theresa,” exposing Greenfield’s blatant hypocrisy as she continues repeating disingenuous talking points handed down to her from Chuck Schumer.

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During a press conference Thursday, Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann gave numerous examples of Greenfield’s deception: “We’ve got the two faces of Theresa. That’s essentially what we’ve got. We’ve got the ‘scrappy farm kid,’ or is it the questionable real estate executive? I mean, which face is it? What one are you bringing out? Probably whichever one Chuck Schumer orders up on that day.”

Here are a few more examples of the Two Faces of Theresa:

  • Greenfield claims she isn’t taking corporate PAC money, but she’s benefited from millions in PAC funds and so far has accepted nearly $200,000 from corporate-funded leadership PACs. 

  • Greenfield claims she’s running a grassroots campaign, but she has failed to be accessible to the grassroots -- having yet to hold an open-to-the-public town hall or event.

  • Greenfield claims she will protect Iowans and fight for small businesses, but as a Des Moines real estate executive, Greenfield picked a multinational corporation over mom-and-pop businesses.

  • Greenfield claims she is a “scrappy farm kid,” but in reality she is a former real estate executive turned Schumer puppet. 

Bottom Line: As we officially begin the general election campaign, the Two Faces of Theresa make it very clear Iowans cannot trust her to lead. 


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