In a newly released video, Democratic candidate for US Senate, Michael Franken, is calling out his primary opponent, Theresa Greenfield, for misleading Iowans on her dark money claims.
Franken spoke bluntly about the “seven figure” ad buy from Chuck Schumer’s super PAC to prop up Greenfield:


“Listen folks. She says she doesn’t take it, but she’s taking it,” Franken says of dark money in the video.
He goes on to say later, “This is important. There’s a direct line between Iowa values that you grow up with and good governance. And dark money is not part of it. And if you say it, then you should follow it.
What does Theresa Greenfield have to say after Franken’s accusations of hypocrisy on dark money? So far her team has dodged her hypocrisy. 
Greenfield has another private, closed door event tonight, bringing up an opportunity to respond to Franken’s attacks. Here’s where you can find her to see what she has to say:
Tuesday, March 3
Theresa Greenfield Meet and Greet
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Winterset, IA 50273


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