DES MOINES, Iowa -- While campaigning in Iowa in 2019, Kamala Harris casually advocated for eliminating private health insurance, saying, “Let’s eliminate all of that. Let’s move on.”

Reminder: Harris made this comment in the insurance capital of the Midwest; tens of thousands of Iowans work in the insurance industry in Des Moines. This plan would prove disastrous for Iowans and Midwesterners -- tanking thousands of American companies and eliminating tens of thousands of jobs -- while also taking away choices for consumers and handing all health care decisions over to the federal government.

WATCH: Even if you like your private health insurance, Harris advocated for taking it away

It’s no surprise that shortly after making this statement, Harris immediately began flip-flopping on health care. She tried to walk it back, but then raised her hand at the first Democratic debate in support of abolishing private health insurance. Then she walked it back again, despite the fact that her name is still listed as a cosponsor of Bernie Sanders’ bill that outlaws private health insurance. 

This proved to be the first of many errors that dogged her campaign, eventually leading to her dropping out two months before the Iowa Caucuses were even held.

Bottom Line: Since there’s no telling what position she will take tomorrow or even the day after that, it’s clear Iowans can’t trust Kamala Harris.


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