DES MOINES -- When it comes to the Iowa Senate race, Democrats are so desperate that they are throwing anything at the wall to see what sticks, including resorting to defamation.
For six months, Iowa Voices, a liberal dark money group, has been running millions of dollars in false TV ads against U.S. Senator Joni Ernst to benefit Chuck Schumer’s handpicked candidate, Theresa Greenfield.
While dark money group Iowa Voices does Greenfield’s dirty work, she stays hidden in a windowless basement, per Chuck Schumer’s orders, raising money from coastal elites and collecting corporate PAC dollars.
But now, Democrats are sinking to new lows. Greenfield has actually reduced herself to lying about Joni and falsely accusing her of “illegal” activity – a defamatory claim – to the liberal Iowa Starting Line blog. However, as Iowans know, Joni's campaign has and always will act lawfully. Greenfield, Schumer and the rest of their Washington, D.C. team know that they are peddling false rumors in a desperate effort to gain traction and have used Iowa Starting Line as an accomplice.
Although Iowa Starting Line is a liberal blog who uses Act Blue to fundraise, they should still prioritize ethical integrity over libelous activity and remove this defamatory quote from their website immediately.


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