Tomorrow, the Iowa Democrat Senate primary debate will feature Abby Finkenauer, Mike Franken, and Glenn Hurst, all tripping over each other to be the most progressive.

Iowa Democrats' base has moved so far out of the mainstream in recent years and these candidates haven't been held accountable for their extreme positions. Here is what Iowans expect them to answer: 

  • Do they agree with Joe Biden that abortion should be on-demand and up to the moment of birth? 
  • Would they vote to keep Title 42 in place - especially considering the crisis at our Southern border?
  • Do Mike Franken and Glenn Hurst agree with Finkenauers' vicious attacks on our judiciary and democracy?
  • Where does inflation end in Joe Biden's America?
  • Should taxpayer dollars be used to pay off student loans for people with advanced degrees?

Iowans know all three candidates will side with Joe Biden - no matter the costs or damage to Iowans.

"Iowans know the Democrat Party has left them behind and all three of these candidates have proven that," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "Their extreme liberal positions will be on full display and Iowans will finally have the chance to see it. None of them represent what Iowans want in Washington." 


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