Costly government-run health care plans have taken center stage as 2020 Democratic presidential candidates descend on Iowa in a battle between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders and their socialist agendas.

Joe Biden has revealed his newest plan: “ObamaCare 2.0” described as “a new government-run public insurance option” with a $750 billion dollar price tag and a requirement that taxpayers foot the bill for abortions.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Bernie Sanders has “made clear that there was a divide in the Democratic Party over health care” and Sanders’ campaign manager described Biden’s government-run plan as a “policy and moral failure”.

Alternatively, a recent George Mason University study found Bernie Sanders’ government-run health care plan “would boost government health spending by $32.6 trillion over 10 years, requiring historic tax hikes”.

While 2020 Democrats continue tearing each other down and arguing over whose agenda is more socialist and harmful to Iowans, Theresa Greenfield, Eddie Mauro and Kimberly Graham have been quiet. Which government-run health care plan do Greenfield, Mauro and Graham support?

Iowans deserve answers. Senator Ernst regularly meets Iowans all of over the state on her annual 99 county tour while Greenfield, Mauro, and Graham fail to hold public town halls for Iowans to ask tough questions.  Clearly it’s not a top priority for Senate Democratic candidates to address tough questions about their party’s socialist, government-run healthcare plans.

“Iowans want affordable, quality health care solutions, yet liberal coastal elites are ignoring these pleas, instead forcing their socialist agenda of costly government-run health care,” said RPI Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. “Which government-run health care plan do Theresa Greenfield, Eddie Mauro and Kimberly Graham support? Biden’s ObamaCare 2.0 or Sanders’ $32 trillion agenda? Iowans deserve transparency, accessibility and answers as to where these Democrats stand.”


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