Today, House and Senate Democrats will introduce a bill to pack the Supreme Court - a move set to destroy our most sacred institution.

Republicans across the country warned that if Democrats seized power in Washington, D.C. they would take whatever steps necessary to consolidate their power. Step one was H.R. 1, but now step two is packing the Supreme Court.

Iowans deserve to know where Axne stands - and soon. 

Cindy Axne has continuously been allowed to duck, evade and ignore important issues as her party continues to ram destructive policies down the throats of Iowans. The time for her wavering and giving half-answers needs to end. Packing the Supreme Court is an issue that politicizes the Supreme Court, tilts the justice system in favor of the liberals and destroys the integrity of the entire court system. 

This isn't a partisan issue. Justices Breyer and Ginsburg have both said in the recent past that court-packing is wrong and should be avoided.

"Axne's weak-kneed approach to her party bosses needs to end here. The Supreme Court is our most respected and admired institution, and it must stay that way," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "Democrats will do anything to consolidate their power in D.C. because they are afraid of Iowa voters holding them accountable in 2022. This move proves that. It puts our democracy at risk in the name of absolute control."


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