For the most recent guidance for the 2024 Iowa Caucus, please continue to check this page regularly!


America's First-in-the-Nation Iowa Caucus is around the corner! The road to the White House and the process of firing Joe Biden from the presidency starts right here in Iowa!

The Iowa Caucus will take place on January 15, 2024 at 7PM at individual precinct locations in all 99 counties of Iowa. 

To take part in our historic 2024 Iowa Caucus, be sure to:

  1) Make sure that you are legal resident of Iowa a registered Republican voter in the state of Iowa by clicking here.

If you are not a registered voter or a registered Republican, that's okay! Just be prepared to register in-person at your caucus location on caucus night! 

  2) Find your precinct at the Iowa Secretary of State's website by clicking here.


  3) Find the caucus location for your precinct by clicking here

            NOTE: Precinct locations are listed by county. 


  4) Check our checklist below so you bring everything you'll need on caucus night!



Not sure what to expect on Caucus Night? Consult our handy checklist below:

  • Caucuses begin promptly at 7PM -- so arrive early!
  • Remember to bring a valid form of ID with you on Caucus night, which includes:
    • Iowa Voter Identification Card
    • Iowa Driver’s License
    • Iowa Non-Operator ID
    • U.S. Military ID or Veteran ID
    • U.S. Passport
    • Tribal ID Card/Document
  • If you plan to register to vote at your precinct location on caucus night, remember to bring the following:
    • A valid form of ID, as listed above
    • A proof of address (e.g. residential lease, utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check, property tax statement, government document, etc.)