Chuck Schumer’s super PAC recently released a new ad, desperately trying to prop up Theresa Greenfield after it was revealed she evicted Iowa small businesses to make way for a multinational chain. 

CLAIM: The ad claims Greenfield will stand up to insurance companies and lower prescription drug costs. 

REALITY CHECK: The Democrats’ radical health care agenda would cost trillions and cause massive disruptions to private plans, resulting in monumental tax hikes and higher premiums. 

CLAIM: The ad claims that Greenfield is “refusing to take one dime in corporate PAC money.”

REALITY CHECK: Greenfield has taken hundreds of thousands in contributions from corporate-funded leadership PACs, as well as a half-million dollars from corporate CEOs, executives and lobbyists.

“As Chuck Schumer runs Greenfield’s campaign from D.C., Iowans can see through the Swampy tactics of spreading lies and deception,” said Aaron Britt, spokesperson for the Republican Party of Iowa. “It’s clear Greenfield is already controlled by Washington. There’s only one candidate in the race that has a record of standing up for Iowans and making Washington Squeal, and that’s Joni Ernst."


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